Our Development process is solely client oriented. We believe in communication and fully engage our clients in our development process. Our Development process has emerged from our previous 7 years of experience. We deliver Quality products on time, and within client’s budget, keeping in mind every kind of outsourcing fear in the mind of the client.

Following are the Steps we follow in our development process:

  • Awarding of the project
  • Write-up, Contract Formation after discussion of Project with client
  • After approval, Opening payment given to initiate the project.
  • Client and Project Manager Communication on different aspects of project.
  • Quality Assurance discusses Functional Details with the client
  • Client provides us with the GUI Inspirations
  • Graphics team coordinate with client on Aesthetic aspects of the Project and prepare all the design screens with mutual consent.
  • Client provides QA team with the Static resources ahead of time, like UDID for test releases and server credentials and so on.
  • Technical development Starts. Beta release gets in Queue
  • Client invited to get involved in the day to day activities for better results in the beta release. We believe Mutual consent is always beneficial and produces flawless results.
  • Before final release, all suggestions are collected from the client by the QA department.
  • After clients final approval we launch the project

We take full responsibility of all technical aspects of the project and in case application is rejected due to technical issues, we will get it fixed and get it approved. Though we don’t take any responsibility if an app is rejected due to business idea but we do suggest ahead of time that app can be rejected with a reason according to the standards set by Apple, Google or any other organization. In order to extend and strengthen our relationship with the clients, we offer 6 months free of cost support services after approved version of the app is submitted to the app store.