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4axiz IT Ltd is the best web design and development company in Bangladesh and it also the one-off solutions for your technological enhancements in this global digitalized market which can provide you with an easier life than an analog world.

We are prompt and creative software developers and IT engineers with excellent practical knowledge on all sort of website development, app development, customized CMS, templates and custom designs and any kind of software design & development whatever may suit your business needs.

Latest Work

  • Restaurant Mobile App

    Restaurant management tips often deal with ways to streamline the day-to-day operations of the restaurant itself.

    Best web design and developement company
  • School Management System

    The Department of Education’s school management policies establish a framework for engaging students and providing a comprehensive school education.

    Best web design and developement company
  • Ecommerce Product

    Your first impressions are everything. Many store owners spend time tweaking their homepage, product page etc…

    Best web design and developement company
  • Mobile Apps

    Our Mobile App houses your mobile website in a native app shell, Giving you the best of both worlds!

    Best web design and developement company


Accounting & Financial

Accounting & Financial softwares can work like a financial expert of your company. It can generate any specified reports

HR & Payroll Software

A good computerised payroll system can help you work out payroll calculations quicker, for example employee

Point of Sales (POS)

Businesses are increasingly adopting POS systems, and one of the most obvious and compelling reasons is that a POS system

Real Estate ERP

Virtual Customer Relationship Management and online digital marketing are essencial tools for Real estate business success

School Management

School Management are implementing BI to glean meaningful insights from the wealth of data available

Garments ERP

Garments to our developments an online marketing strategy that helps create easy to find, engaging experiences.

Hospital Management

Drafting and design softwares are just an important tool for hospital to facilitate the workflow


NGO management to our developments an strategy that helps create easy to loan system.

Our Services

Web Development

PHP Application Development
HTML5 Development
Wordpress Development
JOOMLA Development
UI/UX Design
Responsive Design

Apps Development

iPhone App Development
iPad Apps Development
Android App Development
Windows Phone App Development
BlackBerry App Development

eCommerce Solutions

eCommerce Development Using OpenCart & WooCommerce
Image Processing
Content Uploading

Digital Marketing (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization
SEO ON Page & OFF Page
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Optimization

Domain & Hosting

Corporate Office Networking Solutions
Networking Equipments
Hardware Accessories Supply
Server Establishment
Digital Archive

Graphice Design

PHP Application Development
HTML5 Development
Wordpress Development
JOOMLA Development
UI/UX Design
Responsive Design


Search Engine Optimization
App Store Optimization
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Optimization


eCommerce Development Using OpenCart & WooCommerce
Image Processing
Content Uploading

Our Skills

Digital Marketing

Why People like us?

Competitive Pricing

At 4axiz IT Ltd, our competitive pricing is setting the price of a product or service based on what the competition is charging. This pricing method is used more often by businesses selling similar products, since services can vary from business to business, while the attributes of a product remain similar. This type of pricing strategy is generally used once a price for a product or service has reached a level of equilibrium, which occurs when a product has been on the market for a long time and there are many substitutes for the product.


At 4axiz IT Ltd, Our creativity have to do with software development – actually a lot. Software development is the process of creating software solutions that have never before been created. If your solution has already been created, then you shouldn’t be doing it because you are either plagiarizing, or you are needlessly reproducing work that you should be reusing.  Not only should your work be original, it should also be useful. Clearly if you are creating something that has never before been created, you are well… doing something creative, and thus knowing how to be creative is clearly a good thing. But before discussing creativity as it applied to software we must first set a foundation and define what creativity is.

Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can be plain weird; that’s easy. What’s hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.

Quality solutions on-time

At 4axiz IT Ltd, Our quality solutions on-time all products.

Our Testimonials

“Where do I begin with this review, this contractor is one of the BEST out there, he is very professional and knows what he is doing, not only that he created my project for me in a timely manner (finished before the deadline in 6 days) but also stayed with me and made sure it does work on my server, I had few obstacles with my server which has nothing to do with his work, yet he stayed there with me and fixed it for me so the product works 100%. I really appreciate all the efforts in this and would totally do business with again. I wish all free lancers were as good as 4axiz”

“Another great job. Lat of back and fort, very easy to get hold of and great communication. Wiill here again! ”

ScreamingvAdd Facebook Login API and javascript to Website freelancer.com

“This guy is good! He know his job well! I will keep korking with him”


He has worked more than 600 hours for me and he gets the job done nicely. That’s over a period of almost 1 years. It’s hard to find talent that also comes a quality character and commitment. I will definitely work with him again.

OdeskLatest Job Review in Odesk:ucountingnew

“ 4axiz IT Ltd. did an excellent job on my project, he handled all my requests professionally even though i am a real pain to work with ;)but he did not have any complaints, he did all the required job in a professional manner and time, I would definitely hire again, in fact we already discussed future project and I am not willing to look for anybody else! ”

Client Review FreelancerLatest Job Review in Freelancer:giverhub

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