.Net Application Development

Team with our Microsoft .Net architects to get architecture and design skills to build a robust and scalable solution:

  • Translate functional requirements into core capabilities of your software solution.
  • Assess the feasibility of your design through prototypes or pilot engagements.
  • Take advantage of our technical skills to develop a detailed architecture and design for your Microsoft .Net software solution.
  • Get best-practices advice about infrastructure, migration and performance considerations.
  • Develop your solution APIs or Web Services so that your solution is available over a myriad of platforms.
  • Speedup your time to market, while decreasing your solution’s time to value.

FutureNow offers Microsoft .Net application development using;

  • Winforms Application
  • Smart Client Applications
  • Enterprise Client Server
  • Windows Mobile / Windows Phone 7 Series
  • MS Office Applications
  • Windows Services / Custom APIs
  • WPF / WCF / WWF Applications

As part of your journey towards on demand business, you want to migrate critical processes to the Web by implementing an Microsoft .Net software solution while making sure that your productivity is not affected. You need to ensure that the new solution meets existing requirements, leverages and interacts with legacy systems and other assets, and remains flexible enough to adapt easily to changing market conditions.

Scope your projects to address your business requirements. You need to build an infrastructure that lets you efficiently integrate critical business information and deliver it to employees, trading partners, suppliers and customers. You can increase business value by building a Microsoft .NET solution architecture that allows you to scale as the need arises.

FutureNow Microsoft .Net application development services offer a range of comprehensive services to help ensure the success of your Microsoft .NET software project — and to help minimize your risk.

Scope your projects to address your business requirements

Smart Client Applications

If you need an application that operates, while connected to the internet and while it is offline, then a Windows application with smart client capabilities is what you want.

FutureNow does this by a small SQL compact database located locally, which is used to store data locally when an internet connection is not available; then synchronize local data with a central database when an internet connection becomes live.

The .Net Framework provides a common platform upon which smart client applications can be built. This sort of smart client application can be very useful while traveling or when internet connectivity is sporadic.

  • Conduct business on the go with or without internet connectivity
  • Generally faster response time than web applications which translates to better productivity
  • Stores data locally when an internet connection is unavailable
  • v with a central database when internet is available
  • Custom tailored to work on specific mobile devices

Client / Server Applications

If there is a need for a central computing solution; then a client/server application may be the ideal solution for you. Client/Server solutions runs over a distributed application architecture, that partitions tasks or workloads between service providers (servers) and service requesters, called clients.

Usually clients and servers operate over a computer network on separate machines. A server machine is a high-performance machine that is running one or more server programs which share its resources with clients. A client does not share any of its resources, but requests a server’s content or service function. Clients therefore initiate communication sessions with servers which await (listen to) incoming requests. We have considerable experience developing a client/server application which fits the needs of your business.

  • High performance servers share its resources with client workstation
  • Distribute tasks or workloads between servers and clients
  • Applications can operate over a computer network of any size
  • Store valuable data in centralized servers for data-mining and reporting

Microsoft SQL Database Design

All of our applications are database driven whether a local database or a central database shared by multiple clients. MS SQL Server features high performance data retrieval and reporting. It is good for storing a very large amount of data and provides tools to maintain data integrity. However, SQL Server data storage is only as good as the logical and physical database design. All of the advantages of relational databases can be negated by a bad design. It can be difficult to map relational data into an object-oriented software design but we have the experience to do just that.

  • Efficient data storage solutions for businesses of all sizes
  • High performance data retrieval and real-time reporting
  • Store valuable data in centralized servers for data-mining, reporting
  • All databases designed with business scalability in mind

Windows Services

If you need to automate background tasks then a Windows Service would be the ideal solution. On Microsoft Windows operating systems, a Windows service is a constant running program that performs specific functions and which is designed not to require user intervention. Windows services can be configured to start when the operating system is loaded and runs

  • Automate manual processes with precision and reliability
  • Perform specific tasks which do not to require user intervention
  • Manipulate and transport important data automatically
  • Designed to run on any Windows desktop or server


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